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Get creative outside and inside these school holidays!

27 Sep 2020
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Despite the current circumstances, it is important that we keep the fun alive these school holidays! So, we’ve put together a collection of themed at-home activities where the kids can think outside of the box, find some new hobbies and learn a few handy skills.

Focusing on inspiring resourcefulness, innovation and enthusiasm, these activities will get the kids outdoors for some Vitamin D while keeping everyone active. 

Each activity can be tweaked to suit your household and what materials you have available! And don't forget, some of the best games are the ones we create ourselves!

Inspire Resourcefulness! 

Resourcefulness is a valuable skill to teach your kids by thinking about the tools or materials you have at home, and how we can utilise them in different ways!

  • Build a tent, tepee or cubby house in the backyard - You can use a tent or challenge the kids to use household items such as bed sheets or blankets, clothes pegs, chairs and cardboard boxes to create an afternoon tea event or an overnight sleepover! 

  • Set up an indoor or outdoor bowling alley - Set up a backyard bowling alley with items such as plastic bottles or containers to be the pins, and a tennis ball. Draw up a scoreboard on some coloured paper to track the game! 

  • Walk to the local park for a healthy picnic or visit the playground - Get the kids to choose their favourite local park and head down for some fun and exercise. 

Inspire Innovation!

Getting everyone involved to create a game or activity is a great way to encourage innovative thinking!

  • Draw chalk hopscotch or roadmap on the ground outside - Get creative with the kids and create a hopscotch design or a map where they can play safely ride scooters, bikes, tricycles. 
  • Set up a fitness obstacle course - Set up a course using light objects like outdoor toys, plastic chairs and buckets. Then get the family or kids to create a plan with some quick, safe drills at each station. For example, you could do 10-star jumps, two handstands, or five star jumps at each station.  
  • Hold a scavenger hunt in the backyard - Get the kids thinking about nifty tricks and challenges by hiding items in unique places around the yard and creating clues to find them. Take it in turns to set up the game and then have fun!

Inspire Enthusiasm!

It’s amazing how adding extra little details to activities can really boost our kids motivation and enthusiasm to participate in new activities. Or, if the kids are growing tired of the same board games or activities, it’s probably time to spruce it up a little to keep everyone engaged!

  • Host an outdoors entertainment tournament in the backyard -This could include any sports activities, timed exercise obstacles, or games such as quoits, or tossing the item into a bucket. Organise some small prizes and a scoreboard to make an event of it. 
  • Have an outdoor tidy-up day - Play some fun background music and get the kids involved in tasks such as packing away outdoor toys or washing bikes. You could even race against the clock to get the job done or put a prize in as an incentive! 
  • Set up an audience and perform a dance routine outside - Get the kids moving and excited through a dance contest with some judges! Ask the kids to gather their favourite toy audience or see if some family members are free to watch the new routine via zoom!  

Make sure to have fun these school holidays by challenging yourself to create new activities or using some of the suggestions above! Remember to stay safe and follow the local state Government COVID-19 requirements.

To access more activities and games online visit the 'Kids' section in Home Fitness Network! 

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