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Things to do these school holidays

06 Jul 2020
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We know it can be hard to keep the kids entertained, but don’t worry – we have got you covered. 

Here are a few, safe and fun activities and ideas that you can do with the kids to keep them active and occupied this week!   

Games, games, games!

Why not engage the kids in a few board games or classic card games! Choose games will get the kids thinking outside the box and interacting with each other. Games out there such as Connect 4, Guess Who, Snakes and Ladders, and Operation. Or simple card games like or a game of snap can keep the family entertained just as well! 

Other board game ideas that are slightly more advanced include monopoly, articulate, and scrabble! 

Lastly, puzzles are another activity that takes concentration and keep the kids entertained! They come in different difficulty levels, from 500 piece puzzles up to 5000+ piece puzzles.  

Get active

If your children love the outdoors, why not take them to the park to learn a new sport! New sports could include basketball, netball, soccer, badminton, cricket or even swimming down at your local park, oval or courts! Getting the kids running around and engaging in different activities is great for their mental stimulation, health, and overall wellbeing too. Kids group sports and activities are a good way for kids to engage with their friends.

Plus, whilst supervising the kids, parents can relax during the game or have a coffee.

Another fun activity for those of us in VIC would be to play a game of mini-golf with the family at our very own Goanna Golf mini-golf! Mini-golf is a fantastic and challenging game, which get kids to focus on hand-eye coordination. The driving range might also be a fun activity if you have children in their teens.

Lastly, going out for a walk to a picnic in the park is a fantastic activity! Local farmer's markets and support local Australian growers and producers! 

Check out if a leisure or recreation centre is open near you for some swimming or sports practice here: https://belgravialeisure.com.au/our-facilities/

Get Creative! 

Another great idea is to get creative in the kitchen or with some art! 

You can get the kids experimenting with new recipes and meal ideas. Cooking is a fun way for everyone to work together while creating a delicious meal. And, who knows, you might gain a new personal chef! How good would that be?! There are plenty of healthy recipes online, and you can try searching 'recipes with' the ingredients you have in your fridge or cupboard to be resourceful.

Lastly, drawing, painting or colouring is a great way to express yours and your children's artistic sides. According to beyond blue, artistic activities are also great for relaxation!

Have fun and remember to stay safe while having fun these holidays within your local state Government COVID-19 laws. 

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